Pandemia Shooter

With the idea in mind to show the virus the middlefinger we decided to develop a shootergame. Because it‘s effectivity against tiredness and depression it should almost be available on prescription.

Funny characters like the ugly ass Corona-shepperd in his red g-string followed by his virussheep, meet old men and sexy nurses. Despite all irony and happiness we made sure that the social aspect didn‘t fall short. 20 % of all the profits will be invested directly in the fight against Corona.

Join us too! Stay home! Stay healthy! And by doing so, help us to overcome this damn crisis.

Push play to shoot!


Release Date: May 2020

Platforms: PC and Mobile (Responsive)


Price: Free / Donation

Sarah Mark (Art, Design)
Mike Muzzarelli (Idee, Management)
Odan Kupfer (Game Design)
Alex Kleinberger (Networking)
Marijke Martens (Website)